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yehoodi's calendar - choose your state under "location:"

big dang links page on jitterbuzz

southern california lindy society's lindy hop links

wanna dance's usa & international links

forums on the web: (they usually carry current dance listings) - use a search engine and look for "lindy hop" forum (+ the city you're in)

p.s. if you don't live within 3 hour's drive of a regular lindy hop venue (run your hometown and "lindy" on google) go out dancing anyway - any kind of partner dancing will help your lindy. and if you have to drive 1-3 hours to dance: QWITCHERBITCHIN - we have a 1-1.5 hour drive every time we go out - sometimes more. and when we get there we always run into the group that gets together to share gas cost and driving to make a twice-weekly 4-5 hour round trip from the sticks so they can dance for 2 hours...

then there's the group we ran into in california who share an 8 hour round trip from two states away once a week.