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it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

This site is put together by rabid 4-nights-a-week-on-the-dance-floor Lindy Hoppers.

There are plenty of things to do with your evenings, so here's our take on the question:


Why not go bowling, head to the local bar, sit in front of the TV, etc.?

Why? Because you'll look back on your time and have nothing to show for it. Lindy Hop gets people up off their tails, exercising and socializing in a friendly, almost party-like environment. Here's what's out there waiting for you -

  • social benefits - Lindy Hop is a partner dance - that makes it necessary for you to speak to other humans and requires you to hold their hands for a three and a half minute period. even the shyest of social klutzes interacts with a dozen or more members of the opposite sex on an average dance night. every Lindy Hopper has oodles of friends they met at dances.
  • exercise - 2-3 hours of heart-pumping aerobic activity at 180+ beats a minute 2-4 times a week. we've personally witnessed lots and lots of people toning their bodies in just a few months by learning to Lindy Hop
  • health benefits - nobody does drugs, very few smoke, and almost nobody drinks in a community that Lindy Hops. even if there is drinking, it's not to excess (you only make that mistake ONCE)
  • appeal - this is a dance that looks cool - unlike ballroom or square dancing or the inane freeform standing with your feet planted while you gyrate to the beat type of "dancing" you see at bars and parties
  • economical - way cheaper than the gym or going to a bar - invest in a pair of swing dance shoes and two cool outfits and you've got all the equipment you need!
  • lasting benefits - ask anybody who's been Lindy Hopping for a while: when you and your partner go to a wedding or a bar with a dance floor - you'll usually be the best dancers in the place. (at bars and restaurants we've been given free drinks, free food, invitations to come back without paying the cover charge, invites to come back and teach - just because we hit the dance floor and did what we do every night at Lindy dances.) (woo-hoo!)

So get off your buttsky and get out there. Bring your friends.

-see start lindy in your town for one man's story about establishing Swing Dancing in his city to combat obesity.

-see what to wear for tips on swing dance shoes, swing dance clothes, etc.